How To Apply a Patch and Grading

♡Patch Grading


Patches that are near perfect and have no visible dirt marks, no visible loose strands and are great for those that want a nice, clean looking Patch. 


Patches with slightly more visible imperfections (but still minor), sold at a discount. Ideal for those that dont mind a semi dirty patch as long as it looks good at a distance. These imperfections include, but are not limited to:

  • Dirt Marks/Scuffing
  • Loose Strands

♡Will Iron on Patches Work for You?

Heat Seal backed (Iron on) patches work best on durable fabrics such as denim, sturdy cottons, and polyester blends.

One way to gauge if the material is suitable is if the fabric is as heavy as the patch material


  1. Set your iron to a high setting for heavy fabrics such as canvas or denim and a lower setting for delicate fabrics like Nylon.
  2. Place the patch on the garment for application.
  3. Cover the patch and application area with wax paper or a another piece of fabric you don’t mind possibly destroying such as an old pillowcase.
  4. Apply firm pressure over the patch area for approximately 18 seconds or by passing over the area 4-5 times depending on what you’re most comfortable with



Wash garment using cold water. Hot water may reactivate the glue, causing the patch to come loose.

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