Pin Grading System

Pin Grading Policy♡

Enamel Pins are handmade items that may have slight imperfections and natural variations that can occur during the production process.

Every pin artist has their own way of grading and what they consider imperfections. Please continue reading for what my standard of pins looks like.

S-Grades are not sold in my shop!


Pins that are near perfect or have very slight flaws that don’t take away from the overall design. Ideal for ita bags and displays. These pin imperfections may include, but are not limited to:

  • Some Dirt Specks
  • Slight Underfill/Overfill
  • Very Little Oxidation
  • Slight Scratches/Scuffing
  • One or Two Black Spots in Glitter


Pins with slightly more visible imperfections (but still minor), sold at a discount. Ideal for use in places that will be subject to wear/tear! These imperfections include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple Dirt Specks/Air Bubbles/Dust Trapped in the Enamel
  • Overfill/Underfill
  • Scratches/Scuffing
  • Slight Oxidation
  • Slightly Miscolored Enamel
  • Multiple Black Spots in Glitter or Miscolored indents


Pins with very obvious flaws that are sold at a heavy discount. Ideal for those that don’t mind the imperfections and would love a great deal. These imperfections include, but are not limited to:

  • Lots of Dirt Specks/ Air Bubbles/ Dust Trapped in the Enamel
  • Missing Chunks of Enamel
  • Sections Colored with the Wrong Colored Enamel
  • Heavy Oxidation
  • Very Obvious Scratches/Scuffing 
  • Glitter is Missing in Glittery sections, Holes, Several Black Spots, or Miscolored Glitter
♡Upon purchasing these items, you acknowledge that the imperfections for each grade are acceptable. Returns/refunds/replacements will not be accepted because of these imperfections 
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